• Four Fade Types

    TriFade 2.0 supports 4 fade types:

    • Fade In/Fade Out (Long)
    • Fade In/Fade Out (Short)
    • Fade Out/No Fade In (Long)
    • Fade Out/No Fade In (Short)

    Each of these fade types are suitable for different crossfades. A song that starts with a strong tempo can benefit from the last two fade types, while a song with a slow startup can benefit from the first two. The track start times for songs can also be set prior to crossfades.

  • Recording Capability

    As you crossfade between songs, you can save your mixing sessions using TriFade's recording capability. The sessions are saved to TriFade's playlist format. The start time, end time, and fade-type for each song within a playlist can be tweaked.

  • Multi-Folder Song Search

    You can search for songs within whole directory structures.