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Hypertext Builder 2006 features several coding features aimed at reducing keystrokes and increasing productivity.

Code Editing Features
Popup Tag/Attribute References As a tag is typed in, a dropdown listbox displays a list of potential tags the user could be typing in. Once a tag's name is typed in, a dropdown list of attributes is displayed. Users can select attributes from the list.

Automatic Backslashing of Empty Elements In XHTML, empty elements are denoted with backslashes at the end of tags. Hence, because the br element is empty it should appear in code as "<br />". Hypertext Builder automatically inserts backslashes when empty elements are typed in.

Automatic End Tag Insertion For Non-Empty Elements. Hypertext Builder automatically inserts end tags for elements once a user enters a start tag. This feature has two settings that can be enabled:
  • WhiteSpace Insertion Only: End tags are only inserted when there is white space in front of the cursor.

  • End Tag Highlighting: The end tag inserted is highlighted so it can be quickly overwritten if it is not needed.
Color Toolbar Hypertext Builder features a color toolbar that allows users to easily select colors and have their hexadecimal values inserted into the code.

HBSL HBSL (Hypertext Builder Scripting Language) allows users to create lists, tables, and script tags quickly. For example, the command "table 4 4" will create a 4 by 4 HTML table. Commands can be entered by pressing F6.

AutoTab Bodies of code can be indented and outdented easily be pressing TAB and SHIFT+TAB respectively. Indentation is also preserved as code is typed in or inserted by wizards.

SmartColor HTML tags within Hypertext Builder are color-coded. Frame tags, table tags, anchor tags, comment tags, and server-side tags each have different colors associated with them.