This release of Hypertext Builder aims at helping web authors move from static web sites to data-driven solutions. To that end, we have introduced feature sets for PHP4, the best open-source scripting language, and ASP, one of the strongest commercial web technologies from Microsoft.

To select which language you wish to use, right-click on its name in the language tree.

PHP Features
Popup function list. Reduce your overall keystrokes with this autocomplete tool.

Popup variable list. Variable names can get long. This feature makes them seem short again.

PHP Language Reference Hypertext Builder's language tree contains the language reference for PHP 5.0. Even better, right-clicking on a function name brings up reference information directly from

ASP Features
Popup ASP Object List. Typing in a native ASP object opens a listbox containing the object's properties and methods.

Popup COM Object List. Set a variable to an object installed on your system. All of its properties and methods will populate when you type the variable in again. Great for working with ADO!

Database Features
Databases in the language tree.
ODBC data sources can be scanned and added to the language tree.

Popup table fields. Database fields popup when a table name is typed in.