PAKSoft Productions has recently been "rebooted" into a mobile development organization specializing in Windows Phone apps. We've published three Windows Phone 7.5 apps so far this year, and hope to release more soon. We're very excited about what Windows Phone brings to the mobile landscape!

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The early years

PAKSoft Productions was founded 14 years ago when an academic project called Hypertext Builder evolved into a commercial product. From 1998 to 2007, features were added based on customer feedback as well as professional needs encountered by the product developer himself. The goal of Hypertext Builder was to provide a customizable easy-to-use development environment that supported the latest web standards and technologies. Originally a Shareware application, it is now available as a freeware download.

VRML Beans 2.0 was also a school project that eventually became a published Shareware product, and later a freeware project. To this day, it is possible to create 3D scenes, and export them to VRML 2.0 for view in Cortona, or any other VRML 2.0 browser.