VRML Beans 2.0 allows anyone to create 3-D virtual worlds in a matter of minutes. Authoring Capabilities of VRML Beans 2.0 include:

20+ Prebuilt 3-D Objects
VRML Beans 2.0 features several objects that can be dropped into VRML scenes (buildings, houses, cars, trees, etc...)

The ability to draw walls, floors, ceilings.
Users can use walls, floors, and ceilings to create indoor parts of their worlds.

A Resizable Authoring Interface
Unlike version 1.0, VRML Beans 2.0's interface scales to any monitor resolution.

Support for different sky and ground surfaces.
Users can select different colors for the VRML scene's sky. In addition, the ground of the world can be set to grass, dirt, or snow.

Importion of 2-D pictures into scenes.
Users can insert images (gifs and jpegs) into their worlds. This feature is great for 3-D art galleries and product catalogs. Transparent gifs can be used as sprites.

Support for background music.
Background music can be specified for scenes created in VRML Beans 2.0. File formats supported are *.wav, *.mid, and *.mp3.

Worlds created in VRML Beans 2.0 are compatible with both Cosmo Player and Cortona VRML Client